Soundscapes Alternative Music Video

Combining elegant visuals with man-on-the-street (MOS) interviews, inserting music videos with lyrical meaning related to social context of the MOS interviews… Soundscapes elevated music video programming to include a raw socially conscious flair.

Independently producing the series, while attaining financial sponsorship in combination with self-funding, I directly purchased airtime on KTMA-TV23 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market for a proof-of-concept series run over four episodes. Partnering with radio station Cities 97.1 and the infamous nightclub First Avenue, Soundscapes premiered on Friday, November 9, 1990 at 1am.

Considered a critical success, the concept was ahead of its time and the ratings couldn’t support a sustained return on investment. However, the valuable lessons learned were applied to develop an improved version of the concept.

Nearly a year later, negotiations began with NBC affiliate, KARE-TV to bring the new series to life.

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