The Original Wayne’s World

The local cable access studio provided a new playground. Complete with broadcast quality video production toys and a live broadcast 3-camera studio, a new layer of natural ability and passion was revealed. Amazed by how technology could be applied as a creative tool, I jumped all-in to learn every aspect. Not only operating the gear… but understanding the scientific and technical aspects of how it worked.

Inviting my closest friends to join in this new creative wonderland, we developed an unscripted interactive call-in talk show. Every Friday night at 8pm, Hang Loose Live would broadcast live on-the-air.

No script, no structure, no topic, no explanation. Four wild and crazy guys, hundreds of assorted props and a direct phone number to the live studio listed on the screen.

This early experiment in interactive ad-lib television, encouraged the viewer to call-in and participate in controlled chaos. Hang Loose Live enjoyed a consecutive 130-week run, before the team packed away all the props, including the iconic Iron Fist Ernie and an inflatable Ronald Reagan.

Anoka County Union • March 11, 1988