"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams"

1968 was a year which changed America forever, introducing a living room culture war, through television news broadcasts inside every home. Born into the pivotal triumphs and tragedy of a country in transition, it was one of the most consequential times in our history.

Born into that nervous energy of social change and questioning authority, my parents introduced me to the magic of music when I was just learning to walk. Drawn to the big blues beat of The Doors and Blood Sweat and Tears, those first steps evolved, dancing to the beat of my own drum.

That rhythm and energy moved me toward paths less traveled.

Life is like a box of crayons

That journey of discovering, learning and observing the world… while finding the courage to color outside the lines… helped reveal the brilliant colors and contrast of life and the universe.

The foundation of a colorful life, offering depth and range only available in the creative depth and beautiful mind of a 200-count ultimate crayon box.

It all started with a tinfoil microphone

Living on the edge of small-town America as a child, life was simple. Days driven by imagination, limitless as the fields of corn and sun-soaked prairies of the Upper Midwest.

Summer magic inspired an imaginary radio station wonderland. Complete with mock news updates, weather reports, and a shiny little ball of crumpled foil. That yet-to-be discovered passion, was the start of a lifelong career in broadcast and media production.