In the beginning there was light…

Along with cameras, microphones, and videotape.

Understanding the nuances of production before learning to drive, a natural ability and passion was discovered in the cable access playground of suburban Minneapolis. Empowered with an authenticated visual IQ of 167, the next four-decades would reveal an accomplished, award-winning producer, writer, cinematographer, and editor.

Delivering two independently produced broadcast television series by age twenty-one, a lifelong career in production had commenced. Abilities recognized with forty-six awards and nominations, including seven regional Emmy Awards and three Edward R. Murrow Awards, organic creative passion energized the evolving drive to master every aspect of production.

Born and raised in suburban Minnesota, early developmental years included growing up in the same St. Louis Park neighborhoods which created Al Franken and the Coen Brothers. Professional experience includes working on various small projects with help from fellow notable Minnesotans, Pat Proft and Bob Mould… even working in a small role for Prince on his feature concert film Sign ‘o’ the Times.

Earning a stable living as an independent producer, editor and writer with a consistent stream of projects; personal and professional creative continue in parallel, attaining new levels of advanced skill, creative expression, and technical experimentation.

After escaping the bitter cold and snow of Minnesota for the tropical sunshine state of Florida, the passion for production continues.

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