Minnesota Department of Revenue production studio, St. Paul, MN
Minnesota Department of Revenue production office, St. Paul, MN
Big Picture Inc. on-location shoot, Baltimore, MD
Big Picture Inc. production studio, Fairfax, VA

My first venture as a full-time freelancer lead to some interesting projects. From producing and shooting a ten-part, four-hour long history of gold coins… seriously, 4 full hours… to a promotional campaign video to raise funds for a new children’s center.

It was nice being my own boss, but I missed the security of full-time employment. After throwing my hat into the ring, I landed at the Minnesota Department of Revenue. It sounds boring, and everything about taxes can be boring, but I thrived on the challenge of making it something more.

Building their video production unit and studio from scratch, while producing several award-winning videos, offered rewarding challenge. Eventually the slow, grinding wheels of government, and all divisive internal politics, made the effort to create fresh, new, exciting content more challenge and frustration than reward.

With the growth and demand for internet video marketing, an opportunity to help a long-time friend elevate the quality and reach of her production company became an opportune next step. As Director of Video Production, I was tasked with establishing video production best practices and overseeing the quality of all productions, while completing a majority of shooting, editing, and introducing motion animation to most projects.

Once my daughters both graduated from high school, it was time to set my sights on opportunities outside Minnesota.

Having reached the limits of success within the Minneapolis market, and ready for a move to a warmer climate, the search began for greater opportunities on the east and west coasts. After applying for dream positions across the country, interviewing with 14 different companies, the most appealing offer jumped from Big Picture Inc. in the Washington D.C. area.