Try. Fail. Try Again. Fail Again. Succeed!

After starting at Big Picture, Inc., one of the first projects assigned was to develop an idea they had for a pet friendly web series.

Taking the original concept, we spent the next few years developing and fine-tuning every aspect of the show. From shooting test segments, creating various graphics packages and branding styles; we were able to review, fail, and try again. The exhaustive creative process and investment in production, allowed us to create a very solid and tight show.

Packaged ready with show demo, sizzle reels, and in-depth treatment available upon request, emBARK! is production ready for any national network or streaming service.

We’re currently looking for a broadcast, streaming, or distribution partner to bring emBARK! to the world. Here’s the pitch:

Join the adventures of Giovanna and Willie as they emBARK! on a journey across America!

Sharing stories to inspire and illuminate, the emBARK! Team travels the world to reveal unique and distinct achievements, innovations and discoveries benefiting our many furry friends.

emBARK! is a 30-minute Pet Lifestyle News Magazine, fully developed and ready to be shot on-location, across America.

The first season of 72 stories is already outlined and ready to start production upon funding.

The complete 12-episode first season can be ready for release 24-weeks after the start of production.

Pitch Summary

As Giovanna goes to work... traveling America to discover new stories, adventures, and characters. Willie enjoys his “home alone” freedom to pursue character-building “gag” stories and adventures.

emBARK! transports viewers to new locations, exploring innovation and trends in how we relate, interact, and care for our furry-friends.

Pet ownership increases every year, and most owners consider their pet part of the family. In the United States, pet owners drive a $72B industry, pampering and caring for their pets.

Pet-centric, interesting, positive, feel-good stories are hidden across America. Aspiring innovators, lifestyle integrators, four-legged saviors, even social media personalities. emBARK! shares their stories through focused storytelling and cinema-style video production.